Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Brain on Over Load

Well, I do believe that things are starting to shape up around here!!

I just got a second job at an American made photo album company. Some things I'll be doing there is making photo album and cases by hand and working in the office taking orders and shippment. I am very excited to learn something new. My new boss is willing to work around my busy school schedule and my other job's schedule. At this time I have decided to not tell my first job that I got a second one, because I dont want him to think it is ok to let me go. Besides, I make good money there and it's doubled pay from the second job, just hardly any hours. Although; I am nervous that I wont have a lot of time of during the holidays to go home and visit family. :(

Besides all the confusion of my schedule and my jobs, I like being busy! It is definetly something I can get used to. Well, sometimes. It has definetly been stressfull trying to catch up with my crazy life and to make time for homework.

I have dicided that since I will be making the big bucks... I want to save for my own place. Like an appartment or something. I dont have things to furnish it so I am giving myself a year to save. I am ready to be completely on my own. I will be 21 in febuary and I still live with family. It is time to do me. Besides that, Im still having to "check in." That is fine on some levels... but sometimes they get too carried away on that.
I just want to do me.

I hope I can over come these goals and have enough strength to do so!

Back to doing hw... tah tah for now! ;)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Just More Bull Sh!t

For starters.. Today is my nephew's birthday!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY EVERETT ZAIDEN! =]

Birthday Boy Himself! Headed to school!!

School started up again last week. It has been busy. Lots of reading and writing to look forward to this semester. I dont know if that is a good thing? I am meeting new people already and am ok with my professors. This semester goal is to be able to pass all classes with a "B". I am trying to be more organized and have time management, but somedays I catch myself back into bad habbits. Not my strongest point. I did get a very fashionable planner that I can carry around with me to remind myself of the things I need to do. It is actually very handy!

Enough of school.. Since I last wrote I a was dealing with self confidence and depression. I am doing better at reminding myself to stay happy! I should post sticky notes every where I go for a rimeinder. AH!! That is not a bad idea! =] These days, I have been second guessing EVERYTHING!!! Is that normal? I honestly wish I didn't have so many questions, but that could be the science geek in me? I think I am thinking too much into things! Maybe I should ignore the world and focus on me? I try not to worry bout everyone else. But it is definetly hard! Some questions I've been asking is like "Am I in the right place where I need to be?"

Any ways, I obviously have mixed emotions going on. Maybe it't the fact that I live with a pregnant woman! That is also a very difficult situation...

Gotta go get homework done and other things will catch up soon!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Picking Myself Up & Dusting Myself Off

Been hitting more rough patches in my life. Knowing my sister is dealing with some issues with my dad trying to take my nephew away from her. It hurts me to know how curl my own father can be. He treated my mother like shit and now he is starting to sabotage my sister's life. Some days I wish I could be super woman and help her get away from there and get her started on a new life for her and my nephew. It even sucks when I am the youngest and having to act like the oldest and be the responsible one, really sucks!

I have been dealing with money issues to be able to go to school. I have applied for gov. grant and my mom and I made too much money last year that I'm not getting any grants this year. Then finding out that I'm losing my job after I have sacrificed a lot to keep this job, like I didn't go to work for the mine this summer so I can keep this job for the school year. Now I'm searching for a new, reliable job. All I can say to that is, BEING AN ADULT SUCKS!

I have also been dealing with some depression, and self issues. But I am learning how to deal with it and move on. Like I always say, "Key To Life Is Happiness" and if you don't have happiness, life does not go on! Now that I live in a whole new environment and trying to adapt to it is difficult. But I am slowly but surely getting a hang of it all.

For the past month, I went to my home towns (Elko, NV & Ely, NV) to visit with family and to take some relaxing time to myself. I got to spend time with my very hyper nephew, his mommy and my mommy. It was so good to see them. I hate being so far away from them.

School starts in less than two weeks. I'm not ready for the stress but I am excited to pass on by another semester. I feel dumb after three months of summer and no school. HA! So it's time to go back!

Taking one day at a time and keeping my chin up, cause one day all the struggle in my life will end up being paid off in the end. Even if I have to be as old as Hugh Hefner to get my house full of bunnys! ;)
(I'm being a smart ass mother!!!)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

...Long Time No Talk

In the past year since my last post I have graduated from high school, moved away from home and attened a community college for a year. Learning the "adult" life has been difficult. Although; it has been rewarding. I miss home teribbly! Being home sick all the time has been the hardest to deal with! I am going through struggles like any other person would have to deal with.
My goals in life are a lot different than they were a year ago. School is mostly important to me and keeping a good job that will pay for my school. I have high set goals for my far future. They include; becoming a geologest, travel the world, discover something incredable, live for myself before starting a family, and giving my love and dedication to what I one day would like to become.
Life to me is very short and I think everyone should live their life like it is their last. People today take this precious life we live for granted. That is the last thing I want to do. I want to give my all to everything I do. I don't EVER want to look back and say, "I wish I could go back and change that." That's not how I want to live. I believe that there is a time and a place for certian things in your life to happen, because everything happens for a reason. We live and grow on our experiences and our falts in life.
Ok, enough of my preaching for now! ;)
I am using my blog to journal my life and my feelings as I move forward through life. I want to set goals within my long time goals. I hope one day I can read back and remember my thoughts and feelings growing up.
It's this happy soul of mine against the world!!! =]

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Not Much Happening

Life is the same. School and work is the same, just getting anxious for it all to be over.
But there is things I'm looking forward to this year.. MOVIES!
Man there is nothing better then going to the theatre!


Leap Year -8
Youth in Revolt-8
Extraordinary Measures-22
When in Rome-29

Dear John-5
Valentine's Day

Alice in Wonderland-5
Remember Me-12
She's Out of My League-5
The Back-Up Plan-16
Hot Tub Time Machine-19
Season of the Witch-19
The Bounty Hunter-19

The Last Song-2

Letters to Juliet-14
Robin Hood-14
Shrek Forever After-21
Sex and the City 2 -28

Toy Story 3-18
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse-30


Step Up 3-D-6

to be continued...

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Some Pictures of My Winter Break

Since I'm so late on posting some pictures of some of the things I did during my break. Other things I didn't take a picture to show you my memories.

My Sister and her baby Everett

My mom and Ev. on Christmass morning,
not a good pic of both, but the best one I had

Everette, wearing the shirt I got for him

loving my nephew

The 5  foot drifts at my aunt's house
and the mountians on the road to Ely

Jermy, waiting for my other ride to meet us half way

Now I'm back in Ely, I get to spend lots of times with
my little bug, and give tons of kisses.

Monday, January 4, 2010

2010 Is The Year I Graduate, Along With The New Year Resalution

Since I am graduating at the end of May, and i have lots to do and prepare for before that lovely day. This year resalution is a little more adult-ish, since i am now an adult and will be in the "adult life" soon. I'm hoping to accomplish all before May, also continue with some after.

1. Get healthier: Not loose weight but work out, eat right and taking vitamines.

2.Become more organized: I lose my mind a lot and seem to forget, and i the adult life there is no time for a lot of that.

3. Cook more and come up with different and healthier things to eat.

4. Fill out as many scholarship applications as possible.

5. Buy my first vehicle before I graduate and move away!!!!

6. Go through and get rid of junk in my room.

7. Read many more books.

8. Improve on my vocabulary and grammer!!!

9. Fit into my last year's expensive prom dress so i can re-use it this year.

10. Most inportant: Be HAPPY!!!!

Well there you have it, a long resalution for a teenager. Will keep you posted when and if I do accoplish them.

Have a wonderful start of 2010!!!